Vanhulsteijn Bicycle

Dutch design: Vanhulsteijn bikes, with a special frame that makes it easier to carry them over your shoulder.

Blackstar bamboe fiets

Inspired by 30 Days of Biking: Beautiful Bicycle Designs

Van Moof fiets

The Vanmoof Built-in solar-powered lights, a lock that is part of the frame and lovely Dutch styling throughout!

Create Bikes, Fixed Gear Bicycle Parrot

Voor als je kleur wilt bekennen. Fixed Gear Bicycle Parrot 59

Wytze van Mansum The Dutchess

The Cannondale Dutchess is the graduation project of Wytze van Mansum in assignment of bicycle manufacturer Cannondale. Van Mansum is a former student of the Delft University of Technology TU Delft and currently working as a freelance Product Designer.


Sandwichbike by PedalFactory. Assembling a Sandwichbike is easy and takes less than an hour. "If you can make a sandwich, you can make a Sandwichbike." And anyone from Amsterdam to Honolulu can receive a Sandwichbike by post.

Bough Bikes, Piet Brandjes en Jan Gunneweg

Houten fiets van Bough Bikes - Be moved by nature!

Gazelle CityZen C8

Gazelle CityZen C8