Maarten Baas, Real Time - Analog digital clock

Wide Awake: Autism, Insomnia and Me, by Cynthia Kim (Musings of an Aspie). Signs of autism-related insomnia, what helps her to sleep better, and some interesting thoughts on melatonin and circadian rhythms.

Fratelli Diversi, Wooden watch

Fratelli Diversi, Wooden watch

Around Clock van Lexon

Lexon - Around Clock design by Anthony Dickens / Matt ABS (material)

Maarten Baas, Real Time: Schiphol Clock

In Baas created the Schiphol clock in which a working man can be seen painting the time minute by minute. The clock is installed in the international Terminal…

Ding3000 Normann Kopenhagen  Rainbow Foldable Trivet

Rainbow Foldable Trivet Grey, now featured on Fab.

Ross McBride, Normal  Extra Normal Grande Watch Gold

Using a clever cutaway panel, this seemingly simplistic watch face reveals a tiny glimpse of the numerals underneath, as the hour hand makes its way around the dial