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"The fourth in this worship series as we talk about the value of simplicity and laughter to reduce stress. You will definitely enjoy this Christian Comedian who we watched for a call to worship.

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Collection of all vanities we do for our pet. Anyway it's our pet that makes us laugh and smile. Our companion when we are down and need acquaintance. Indeed they are man's best friend.


Fred the Labrador and Dennis the Duckling. Fred the Labrador “adopted” Dennis when he was just a little duckling after his mother was killed by a fox.


THE PARROT & THE KITTEN: This kitten and parrot formed a close bond despite the bird being prey for the cat. Thankfully, the cat didn’t know that yet and decided to take a little nap with his new friend.


Monkey-ing around Adorable unlikely friendship or ticking time bomb? Both, duh! Cuddle Time Even brave hound dogs get lonely sometimes. Fluffy Friends This owl looks about how we feel about how ado.