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a green bird statue sitting on top of a wooden branch in the grass and bushes
Keramik viel neues!
Keramik viel neues!
there is a sculpture made out of glass balls in the shape of a circle on a stand
Fotogalerij | Ruud Kaper – Emailleur
ring met bollen
a sculpture made out of glass sitting on top of a piece of drifty wood
klei en zo/bloemen
klei en zo/bloemen
a blue and green wind chime hanging from a tree
Leaf mobile. Gloucestershire Resource Centre http://www.grcltd.org/scrapstore/
an outdoor sculpture with candles in the shape of crescents
Lichtsegel Töpferei Busse Keramik Art Ingrid und Harald Busse
Lichtsegel auf der Blumeninsel Mainau
two white vases sitting on top of wooden blocks
Anthony Theakston Ceramics
Ceramic sculpture inspired by the avian world.
a ceramic figurine in the shape of a woman's dress on a white background
Jolanda Nabben | Home
Jolanda Nabben
there are three plates that have different designs on them, one is green and the other is blue
Former exhibitions
Soft coloured ceramic plates - Galerie Iroha
two white bowls with black metal handles and designs on them
boite cuisson raku - Annie Laplace
three yellow vases with black tops on a white surface
Mieke Selleslagh (B)
Mieke Selleslagh