Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Dali Style Spring Birds

T's First Grade Class: Dali Style Spring Birds Warm and cool colours (background and bird)

elementary art | The Elementary Art Room!: Dr. Seuss Creations: Tizzled Topped Tufted ...

Seuss Creations: Tizzled Topped Tufted Mazurkas “ I’ll go to the African island of Yerka And bring back a tizzle-topped Tufted Mazurka A kind of canary with quite a tall throat.

Yarn & Cardboard Chameleons

Chameleons and Snakes of Wool

Chameleons and snakes of wool in diy accessories with Wool DIY Craft Cardboard.would be even cuter with googly eyes!

Bookworm Bookmark

You will need: template scissors colored paper strips colored paper glue paper punch ribbon Еnjoy your book!


Were origonally watercolour paper and watercolour paint with pen and ink trees. But could use as inspiration for an art lesson - tissue paper? -- Could use as a bookmark

boekenlegger; "doedelen'( figuurtjes maken zónder de punt van de stift op te tillen) en daarna invullen met mooie kleuren

Záložka Líbila by se mi se zrcadlově spojeným podpisem, znáte?

Boekenlegger inkleuren

Usborne has an AMAZING selection of doodle books, and they’re always top-sellers at my shows. I love seeing mamas’ jaws drop when I share our fashion doodling book!