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pronunciation | "an-ti-sE-ans

antiscians (n.) people who live on opposite sides of the world, "whose shadows at noon are cast in opposite directions" Word of the day.


words v see definitions Character english noun otherwordly other-wordly origin: latin tagging is hard guys other wordly things that should be seen videnda what is to be observed the character of a person or place

pronunciation | 'nU-mi-nus | The word originated in religious usage, but it can be applied to natural experiences as well as supernatural. It can also mean suggesting the presence of something holy or divine.

from the dictionary ya feel. Numinous: describing an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated, awed yet attracted--the powerful personal feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired.


) a river in the Greek underworld that, when drunk from, made souls forget the sufferings of life, oblivion or something to make you enter oblivion and forget