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Impressive Tattooing by Vladimir Drozdov

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Can't wait to get my legs covered. Only one large piece so far, but making progress

Tatt idea

I like the placement of these on the thighs. Don't know if I'd do an entire leg.

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Whole right leg but with a wolf in the Indian headress tat.

Leg sleeve

Leg sleeve instead of an arm sleeve that everyone gets!

Extreem Gave Sleeve Tattoo’s Die Je ECHT Moet Zien! Opzoek Naar 65.000 Tattoo Voorbeelden?Ã� Klik Dan Hieronder!

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LEFT ARM 1/2 SLEEVE...Roses, a skull, pearls, a tiny crown, and a single peacock feather or a standard tat feather, filigree or lace to fill in. gray/color combo... FUCK YEAH

If you want to make Tattoo Clock, Compass Flowers Woman yourself and you are looking for the suitable design or just interested in tattoo, then this site is for you.

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