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Iris Coenders

Iris coenders. 18 jaar.
Iris Coenders
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Surprise, surprise... who are INTJs and ENFPs most attracted to? Each other! | Link to survey includes other MBTI personality types from @thoughtcatalog

of ENFPs listed themselves as most attracted to INTJs. listed themselves as most attracted to INFJs. listed themselves as most attracted to other ENFPs. Overall, ENFPs showed a significant preference for other intuitive-dominant personality types.

Disney Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Disney Character’s Myers-Briggs Personality Type: INFJ - Mulan and Pocahantas! <--- unlike most character MBTI things I agree with most everything on this one.

self-harm and self-injury at a glance

Self-Harm, self-injury, cutting

É curioso como as cores do mundo real parecem muito mais reais quando vistas no cinema.

The Art Of Animation, Yuumei - Wenqing Yan - .

Beautiful Illustrations by Megatruh because I believe the sea and the stars are connected

Berangkat by Niken Anindita (*Megatruh)

Badass Illustration of a “Lady Stark” by Stuart Harrington

cyberclays: “ Lady Stark - Game of Thrones fan art by Stuart Harrington “Bitterly, she could feel the tears well in her eyes. With no one left on her list, she felt strangely hollow and lost.

There's something fishy down there...    Go here for the rest of her gallery:

Digital fantasy painting by sandara of a little boat surrounded by giant fish

How can we live with ourselves

Image de anime, sad, and water

What drugs are like.

Laughing Chakra: The Best Way to Understand Drugs

WORLD OF FANTASY — creaturesfromdreams:   Patience by MattDixon

creaturesfromdreams: “ Patience by MattDixon ”