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Static means stationary or fixed. You can see that very clearly in this picture.

We cannot get enough of this gorgeous orange vase/pitcher. The color contrast is delicious.its for complementary color combinations. and its a mafic of blue and orange mixture

In these pictures you see the light coming from diffirent directions. You have side light, front light and back light.

ART INSTALLATION: Shadow Art ~ Detail, colour, and cohesive images emerge from a collection of seemingly erratic items - making elegant sense of what can be a jumble of user data and generated content.

Natural light is light that is produced by natural sources, for example the sun.

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Artificial light is the light produced by for example lamps.

designlightsnsets: “ glutanddecadence: “ “The National Broadway Company” Myhung Hee Cho ” The definition of theater porn right here.