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Crocheted Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot I did

Crocheted Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot I did

Top 10 créative et originale TARDIS thématiques choses

Doctor Who is one of those TV shows that I have grown up with. The show has always inspired many people to make some rather unusual TARDIS themed things.

too nerdy not to repin. now I want a police box shadowbox.

In case of emergency: Sonic screwdriver and psychic paper. Preferable to a fire extinguisher any day. I 'd probably break this before there ever was an emergency

Converse Who

Hand painted Doctor Who shoes - I really love these shoes. (I would lvoe to make a pair of these, but I doubt I would have the colors or patience to do it. but ouh well!) it just proves how nerdy I am if I saw these and gasped