Buitenkeuken met betonnen U-profielen

Buitenkeuken met betonnen U-profielen I like this pin, but it's hard to make out…

a "cluster" of boxwoods makes it more interesting than if placed symmetrical -- because the stones are. It's a nice foil.

Simple and stylish front garden with pavers, gravel, box balls and hydrangea hedge.

Small Backyard Home Design Idea

41 Backyard Design Ideas For Small Yards

such a clever use of a small garden, elegant and modern. I'm inspired by this simple, clean symmetrical garden. I would love this design for our backyard.at least the area nearest the house!

Waarschijnlijk van natuursteen die borders. Vind 1 plantensoort per grote border niet het mooist. De paarse bloemen achterin vind ik heel mooi

Sleek design Straight lines and paths contrasts with exuberant flower beds and tree rows.

Plantenbak van natuursteen

Plantenbak van natuursteen