Flourless Chocolate Muffins. Super healthy muffin recipe with only 4 ingredients! NO flour, NO oil and NO refined sugar. Make them in minutes with no mixer!

4 Ingredient Flourless Chocolate Muffins - secretly healthy / super easy / no mixer recipe, ready in 20 minutes!

Geweldig Gezond: Cake zonder bloem, suiker, boter en eieren

Geweldig Gezond: Cake zonder bloem, suiker, boter en eieren/ really healthy: cake without flour, sugar, butter and eggs.

Worteltjes taart - Glutenvrij, Lactosevrij, Suikervrij

Worteltjes taart - Glutenvrij, Lactosevrij, Suikervrij

Magic One-Ingredient Ice Cream 5 Ways — Peanut Butter, Nutella, and More — Recipes from The Kitchn | The Kitchn

Peanut Butter & Honey Banana Ice Cream

Magic One-Ingredient Ice Cream 5 Ways — Peanut Butter, Nutella, Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Strawberries & Cream Banana Ice Cream — Recipes from The Kitchn

Deliciously Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

Sweet Potato Brownies

These sweet potato, avocado, date brownies are good. I will eat them, but the sweet potato taste lingers after the chocolate. Can't taste the date paste or avocado.

haverkoekjes met peer en chocolade

Haverkoekjes met peer en chocola

Clean Eating Cherry Almond Ice Cream

Clean Eating Cherry Almond Ice Cream

Clean Eating Cherry Almond Ice Cream - only 3 ingredients to make this! 2 cups frozen bananas 2 cups frozen, unsweeten and pitted cherries tsp.

Kiwi Yonanas Sorbet Recipe

Kiwi Sorbet

Kiwi Yonanas Sorbet Recipe This recipe is just Kiwis and nothing else! You can also use just Bluberries. Soften slightly, throw into your Vitamix or Magic Bullet or Yonana machine and in a couple of minutes you have sorbet!

Key Lime Yonanas Recipe

Key Lime Yonanas

Fragrant, refreshing limes are a tart compliment to sweet crunchy cinnamon graham crackers in this fun spin on a “southern” recipe. If you can’t find key limes?any lime zest will do!

hartige havermout muffins

Hartige Havermout muffins

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Perfectly Peach Yonanas Recipe

Perfectly Peach Yonanas

Perfectly sweet peaches create a healthy twist on a summer-time favorite “ice cream” flavor.

Little Corner of Mine: Yonanas Review!!

Blueberry Banana Ice Cream: 2 frozen bananas (dark spots) and 1 cup of frozen blueberries, thaw for minutes.

Chocolate Coconut Yonanas Recipe

Chocolate Coconut Yonanas

Ingredients: 2 frozen ripe bananas, dark chocolate, cup shredded coconut Directions: Insert one frozen banana Add dark chocolate Insert second frozen banana Stir in bowl to combine Sprinkle coconut on top of chocolate Yonanas

Blueberry Yonanas Sorbet Recipe

Blueberry Sorbet

Ingredients: 1 C frozen blueberries. Let fruit thaw minutes. Directions: Insert slightly thawed frozen blueberries. Enjoy yonanas vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free recipes made with fruit!

Lemon Raspberry Yonanas Recipe

Lemon Raspberry Yonanas

Sweet raspberries and fragrant lemon zest add a surprising punch of flavor. This bright and colorful yonanas treat will satisfy your sweet & tart cravings.