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a crocheted mouse sitting on top of a white cup filled with yellow flowers
Amigurumi Mouse http://lilleliis.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2011-03-26T14%3A06%3A00%2B03%3A00=3
a crocheted gray and pink mouse sitting on top of a wooden pole next to a red pole
Haakpatroon: Pita de muis
Pita Mouse ☺ Free Crochet Pattern ☺
a crocheted yellow teddy bear with a red bow on it's head
Baby Mouse Pattern
small crocheted mouses are in the palm of someone's hand
Tiny Crochet Mouse (Free Pattern)
Simple Crochet and Crafts: Tiny Crochet Mouse (Free Pattern) + SHOP FEATURE
a knitted mouse holding a cake on it's back and wearing a hat
Knitted Toys
knitted Mouse
there is a crocheted wreath made to look like mice on the front of a cake
Hooray for Crochet Mice!
Muisjes om te haken.
a crocheted mouse sitting on top of a popcorn bucket with the word pop corn written on it
Amigurumi.com - Our unique books
book Amigurumi Circus - Steno the stilt walker by Airali Design - Amigurumipatterns.net
a crocheted gray mouse sitting on top of a floral wallpaper
AmiguRoom: вяжем амигуруми
Вяжем амигуруми: Вязаный мышонок
three knitted mice sitting next to each other on a pink tablecloth with flowers in the background
Free Crochet Mouse Pattern
Free crochet pattern: toy mouse
a knitted mouse wearing a sweater and bonnet sitting on a wooden table with trees in the background
Craftsy.com | Express Your Creativity!
Lady Mouse from Beatrix Potter...this is another glorious Alan Dart pattern...free
several crocheted mice are shown in different colors
sweet mouses
sweet mouses
there is a crocheted mouse hat on top of a polka dot tablecloth
there is a crocheted mouse sitting in a cup with spoons and fork
inge snuffel
Little mouse crochet tutorial (in Dutch) - Inge Snuffel
there is a crocheted pink mouse with big eyes
Bloggang.com : : shira_naja -
Hamster pass ☺ Free Crochet Pattern ☺
a crocheted mouse sitting on top of a white sheet