Piet Boon design.. Going to make this when we renovate

Patio Pergola Ideas small backyard pergola ideas small pergola over patio Piet Boon Design Going To Make This When We Renovate Modern Terras

"Chaba...she knows"  120x180x5cm  acrylic on board; ready to hang

*By Gerhard van Vuuren "Chaba.she knows" acrylic on board; ready to hang

Fijne zondag inspiratie

Fijne zondag inspiratie (Design & Wonen)

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Kleine eettafel

Scandinavian studio apartment inspiring a cozy, inviting ambiance. The Scandinavian minimalism comes often out of necessity: the homes are very small. This is why functional items have to look pretty - there is not much space for decorative items!

RKNL's EETTAFEL ONE. Ontwerper Ronald Knol is zowel elegant als stoer en lijkt uit 1 stuk gemaakt. Een heerlijke eiken Dutch design tafel. Te koop in Gimmiishop € 2540 http://www.gimmii.nl/shop/rknl-ronald-knol/eettafel-one/

One(by Ronald Knol) One is a designer dining table that unites dueling personalities—it is at once elegant and raw. The long side of the table has a soft silhouette, while the sh