Great way to disguise giving money as a gift!

cover toilet paper roll, adhere and put inside mason jar. Fill around the roll with favorite candy. This is the COOLEST way ever to give money! Instead of toilet paper roll I would cut a paper towel roll for sanitary reasons.

Frozen Disney Princesses Elsa Anna and Olaf by FantastikCreations, $1.00

Disney Princesses Birthday Party Marshmallow Favors

Chocolate on a stick! - chocolade op een soepstengel - kids party - diy

These look like giant Poki, Japanese chocolate on a stick. Would be fun to make a bundle as a gift, using plain breadsticks and decorating as you desired.

cute candy - Gerepind door #traktatie #inspiratie #kinderen #creatief

What is the point of these? Yes, let's teach people to eat american indians.

Free Monkey Download

Birthday party treats - Banana monkeys - Digital printable fIle - PIF

Chocolate Dogs_12

Candy Bar Party Pups

Easy Chocolate Party Pups Tutorial Made From Candy Bars-Homemade Charlotte