Fleece knuffels etc. gemaakt voor en verkocht door Friends of Animals

Alle fleece knuffels etc. die ik maak, maak ik voornamelijk voor de jaarlijkse veilingen van Friends of Animals waar ze verkocht worden.
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two pictures of the same stuffed animal, one with pink ears and another with white fur
two pictures of a stuffed animal with pink ears
a white stuffed animal with pink ears and eyes
two red and black ladybug slippers are on a white surface next to each other
two pictures one is wearing a scarf and the other has an animal head on it
a stuffed animal that looks like an egg with ears on it's head, sitting against a black background
a stuffed dog sitting on top of a white table next to a pair of jeans
a brown cat pillow sitting on top of a table
a pile of purple and grey ribbons on the floor
a pile of multicolored ribbon on the floor next to a tiled floor with white tiles