Anoniem / Ik hou van mijn vrienden en familie
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#mileven mileven mileven mileven mileven mileveeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!❤️

I actually done that once my teacher laughed and gave me a A+ beacause she watches it!

OMG I love them ⭐️ #mileven #mucas ~ ~ I DO NOT SHIP FILLIE! I SHIP MILEVEN!

The only reason Finn and Millie’s was short wa s because Finn said “I’m comin in’’ when filming

Since hopper is El’s dad now I think that Joyce and hopper will be together and then El and well will (👈😂) be bothers

Amo mais que chocolate

It's okay to ship Mileven, but please don't ship Fillie! The Duffer brothers said if people keep shipping it they are going to kill Mike!