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Serger Stitches 101 Cheat Sheet: Never Ever Without It - Your New Must Have

Serger Pepper - Serger Stitches 101 Cheat Sheet PIN IT now! GREAT info for those of us who never got the actual serger training for our machines!

Serging Corners are as easy as serging straight lines! Learn this one secret tip to help you serge corners like a pro!

The Secret to Serging Corners

Sergers are boss at sewing a straight line or curves, but when you get to a corner things get a little more complicated. Inside corners are especially tricky! Britni from Happy Mama Tales shows h…

Toen ik er voor het eerst van hoorde geloofde ik er niks van... Maar na een slecht stiksel op de overlock in de les dacht ik, toch maar eens...

Spruitsels by Ankita: Overlockstiksel uithalen zonder tornen