Isa Stegehuis

Isa Stegehuis
Hia im Isa or aka LauraTheKitty~! ^-^ I will post my drawings here and of course pin stuff that i like~ Like my drawings? Go and check me out on DeviantArt!
Isa Stegehuis
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These are the ball-jointed dragons made by CuartosDolls in Russia. They can be posed in almost any position thanks to every body segment having its own ball joint.

Yes, no board for random things I'd love to have, yet it would help me feel more creative by having a little pet dragon ;) -Dragon made entirely of ball joints allows you to pose it & hold in your hand.

My Companion cube birthday cake :D

Yuss this is the cake i made with my mum for my birthday tomorrow I love it soo much since its delicious AND a companion cube cake My Birthday Cake :D

Just hanging out in the clouds by on @deviantART

Just hanging out in the clouds

Otulissa's Dragon doodle by on @deviantART

So this is just a little doodle of Otulissa's robot dragon named Rust, i used him in quite some RPs so i thought i'd make a doodle of him and for tho.

New Raine Design/Ref! by on @deviantART

Well people, for those who dont know Raine. She's the very first oc i EVER created in my whole life.I have a very old ref of her in my oc gallery and . New Raine Design/Ref!

Smile~! by on @deviantART

Aaaahhhh my beloved Julie finally has a drawing of herself next to her REALLY old ref Smile~!

Realistic Laura challenge by on @deviantART

Someone in school told me that my art sucks cus its not realistic enough so i wanted to kick his sorry little ass since he cant draw better than me and .

Wishes -Remake- by on @deviantART

Wishes -Remake- by on @deviantART

Gift - Happy b-day Firestar! by on @deviantART

for my dear big sis for those who dont know these 2 they are Laura's and Osiris's kids (osiris is an oc of fire)the girl is named Otulissa and the boy P. Gift - Happy b-day Firestar!

ID Gift - happy b-day Zetsukaio! by on @deviantART

ID Gift - happy b-day Zetsukaio!

I remember. by on @deviantART

I remember they would sayIts all okayIt will be alright Every nightI could hear itI remember. I remember.