Ameland. Demonstratie reddingsboot.

Ameland, one of the islands in the Waddenzee. Horses pulling the life boat into the sea


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#16 Wadlopen One novel way of getting to the Frisian Islands is to try guided wadlopen or “mud-walking” from the mainland at low tide. Read more:

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Wadlopen to Ameland, Holland

Wadlopen is the one thing you can only do in There're different guided tours, like from Holwerd to Ameland,

Oude Commandeurs Woning, Nes, Ameland, Friesland.

(Former commander's residence) Oude commandeurswoning, Nes, Ameland, Netherlands. Ameland is one of the West-Frisian Islands.

Ameland Wadlopen Mei 1993

Ameland Wadlopen Mei 1993