Amazing! Leaf bowls from air dry clay

Декоративные листья

DIY: leaf bowls from air dry clay - DIY Craft's - Mydiddl

DIY Bird Mobile/Art Piece--a darling white version of this tutorial:

DIY Bird Mobile/Art Piece--I thought this was paper clay but the birds are actually made of cloth and perch is driftwood

birds project for ceramic sculpture class by rachel reitan at S.P.A.R.C.

Asymmetrical Balance: visual balance achieved by dissimilar visual units; for example, two or three small shapes on the right balancing one larger shape on the left.

Clay Owls-1st Grade-Painted Wood-Art with Mr. Giannetto Blog

Clay Owls on painted wood.

Clay Easter Bunny Instruction

DIY step by step tutorial Clay Easter Bunnies Instruction

Clay Easter Bunny Instruction, so cute i had to pin this

Zelfmaak ideeën Kind | leuk van brooddeeg Door Sigrid

Make some cute bunnies for Easter with salt dough.

leuk en mooi gemaakt en leuk om in de kaamer te zeten          knap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

little birds! I can imagine these painted and with a craft feather attached. I'm thinkin to graders will like this! Need access to a kiln to make the whole project ourselves.

* Leuk!

Blader-afdrukken in klei Vertijking plasticine

DIY Jar Mushroom House

DIY mushroom jar- From clay, with candle maybe- Medium materials

So this hedgehog was done in Fimo, but this could be done nicely in bread dough.

Fimo hedgehog, but could be done in bread dough.

Thema herfst | Juf Anke lesidee kleuters

Thema herfst | Juf Anke lesidee kleuters

Maak dit prachtige kunstwerk van gevallen bladeren… een cadeautje van de natuur!

Foil leaf rubbing - loved it but ours didn't look like that! I think you need to use thick foil

paddestoelen van klei

paddestoelen van klei

LOVE this! Make Nature Prints with Air Dry Clay

The Garden Classroom - Helping Kids Learn and Play in Nature

Movement Activity- Making Nature Prints with Air Dry Clay - great Earth Day activity!

Disney Character Collection Polymer Clay | Scribd

PORCELANA FRÍA: Personajes Disney

-bambi characters making tutorials - Мастер-классы по украшению тортов Cake Decorating Tutorials (How To's) Tortas Paso a Paso

paddestoel schalen - Winters en van Wetten

paddestoel schalen - Winters en van Wetten