Schilderij gemaakt met waterverf, techniek: aquarellen(betekend schilderen van waterverf)

Thanks Heidi Bolster for this awesome activity! It works great with some of our lower functioning geriatric patients.

tekenen - vierkante bomen

"Little Trees Growing" by Loretta Grayson. These originals are oils. Thinking grade could maybe do this as a paper mosaic and maybe zentangle tree trunk.

owl in a tree? Create tree using half of a cardboard tube or by creating a fold in paper and gluing on to a backing sheet. Cut hole in 'tree' and insert owl or other inhabitant.

herfst knutselen bovenbouw - Google zoeken

herfst knutselen bovenbouw - Google zoeken

Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft

Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft McKay McKay Phillips & Snelson Snelson Stine This site has some really cute ideas for the kiddos in your classroom. I sent you another link but I wasn't for sure if it worked or not.