The making of 'Bird'.

A short film about a small ornamental Bird, designed by Jacob Pugh. Jacobs studio splinter designs create and craft furniture and interior products, combining traditional craft and contemporary design with longevity in mind.


Dune Shelf Plywood by jaanus orgusaar/borealis ltd. made in Estoniaop CROWDYHOUSE


The Cynara Pottery LED Grow Light is made by the best Italian artisans in order to achieve the highest quality and the most beautiful product.

roll playtoy for kids and adults, suited for home decor

Roll is a versatile piece designed for children's rooms by Danish company Utzon Kids. One minute, it’s a chair, then a lounger, an.


brooches House for Sale → brooches House for Sale by Frans Willigers made in The Netherlands op CrowdyHouse


Flu(C), a sculptural console table in a geometric composition of 7 triangular elements, topped with a clear acrylic panel, by Nova Obiecta