ivanna jamy

ivanna jamy

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Animal rights! A human life is no more important than an animals life. So stop thinking you are superior.

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HAHAHAHAHA! But on a serious note, if Jesus was around today he'd be a…

"Singer calls speciesism the "purest form of racism" because it kills more innocent beings that any form of human-to-human racism. This is why vegans are the utmost humanitarians. We indiscriminately seek justice for all by doing unto others as we would have done unto ourselves [THE GOLDEN RULE]." Gary Yourofsky

This is one of the main points they need to understand in order to understand the play. The main point is that the truth hurts and can possibly get you into a lot of problems if acted on without thinking. Every character deals with ways in which to handle the truth so it's very significant to the play.

It's the that the truth. My shopping bill can triple in a heart beat lol -Vegan Mariposa

Pink Top + Floral Midi Skirt Source

Nude skirt with white/floral top