A rajouter dans les poches pour les invités : des sachets de thé personnalisés.

Printable Mother's Day Tea Tags To Make At Home by

Mother’s Day Tea Tags - The pretty flower and kraft paper tags are perfect to add to the end of tea bag strings to give your mom a special message on Mother's Day. You can also use this tutorial to make your own tea bags from loose leaf teas.

DIY Simple Cork Stamps Tutorials

DIY Simple Cork Stamps Tutorials You will need: A bunch of corks. (Use the spongiest ones you have.) A sharpie, one thin and

Las Cositas de Beach & eau: ADORABLES CERÁMICAS NAVIDEÑAS.....vistas en el blog siempre lleno de cosas hermosas .....79 IDEAS

~ DIY Clay Christmas trees: cut big isosceles clay triangle, wait for it to harden and make the stem of cork screw. Use as place settings with guest's name written in marker ~

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