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an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts in flight, from top to bottom
the many faces of actors and their characters
Freakishly accurate celebrity equations
Yes! xD
the back side of a computer screen with text on it and an image of trees in the background
Funny picture thread...
I love how eels always look like they just told a funny and joke and they're waiting for someone to laugh(:
a star wars storm trooper doll sitting on top of a toilet seat with the caption, you've got an elf on a shelf i've got a trooper on a pooper
Relationship Adjourn
Funny Pictures geek humor
a comic strip with two different types of food
The magic of the Internet
Hahaha! XD
an image of a man holding something in his hand with the caption hot mess party one, your bar is now available
What a pick up line! Ha! - more funny things:
Niggas be like XD Sarcasm Humor, I'm Pregnant
Niggas be like XD