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a poster with the quote punctuality is not about being on time, it's basically about respecting your own commutments
a poster with the words three simple rules in life on it and an image of a hand holding up two fingers
My 30 Comics About Little Observations In Daily Life
a poster with the words sometimes you have to eat your words, chew your egg, and accept that you're wrong
a woman carrying a bucket on her head with the words, once you carry your own water, you will learn the value of every drop
a man standing on top of a rock with the words respect in front of him
God Bless You!
MUST SEE! Don't miss this powerful message 😱🔥 🙏💌 Before you sleep, PRAY. When you wake up, PRAY. When life gets hard, PRAY. when you're happy PRAY. If you are unsure, PRAY. God is always with us. 🙏❤️
a poem written in black and white that says it's during the tough times of your life
an image with the words accept people as they are, but place them where they belong
10 Deeply Inspiring Quotes, Sayings And Messages For Everyday Life
Daily motivation
Love you to