Jacky Tapirima

Jacky Tapirima

Jacky Tapirima
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One of the many different Hindu gods kali

Om Kali Kali Mahakali Kalike Parameswari Sarva-Ananda-Kare Devi Narayani Namostute Aum, Oh Great Mother Kali, Supreme Goddess Gracious Mother, Bestower of bliss, Salutations to you Narayani Goddess of the Universe

Superheld: Robin Hood

Robin Hood Denouncing Prince John and the Normans. Illustration for The Adventures of Robin Hood (Ward Lock, c Studio stills from the First National Pictures' Technicolor Production "The Adventures of Robin Hood".

Jigoro Kano, founder of Judo

Jigoro Kano, founder of Judo man-cave

Teddy Riner, Judo champion

Jenna asked me what the difference between judo and karate is.

Zal lekker lopen, dansen wordt lastig!

Christian Louboutin for English National Ballet