BM half moon crest (walls) and white dove (trim) in a room that doesn't get much natural light

bedroom corner, love the hardwood floors in the bedroom, along with the furniture, its modern with the chair legs, like that living room table. Nice mix of modern art.

love the flooring.

The dark leather club chair, the warm whites, the pieced wooden floor. this is my dream room :)

In het NORDLI nachtkastje zit een verborgen plank met plaats voor een stekkerdoos, hierdoor liggen al je laders uit het zicht. #IKEA

NORDLI Nachtkastje, wit

NORDLI Nightstand - IKEA Width of drawer: 9 " Depth: 19 " Depth of drawer: 15 " Height under furniture: 15 " Height: 26 " Width: 11 " Distance between shelves: 3 "

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