Welke ogen horen bij welk kind?

This is something I did in my classroom this year when I was talking to my preschool class about how we are all different, yet the same. It is a wall display of the children in my preschool classroom. The children were asked to search for their own eyes a

Ook zo druk gezocht naar het plaatje met de panda? Wij in ieder geval wel. Maar…

THEY are the optical illusions and ‘Where’s Wally’ type puzzles that have everyone peering at their screen.

Where's Wally find him! Psalm 139: The Bible says that God knows all about us…

Where's Wally find him! that is why he can always find us and never loses sight of us on crowded planet earth (beautifully put by Barnabas in schools)

Waar is wally? -

Waar is Wally? De oorspronkelijke titel van deze boekenserie: ‘Where’s Waldo?’ of zelfs ‘Where’s Wally?’ is beda.

Where is Wally ? :O

Martin Handford - Where's Wally Wally is so obvious in this one ¬¬

In de dierentuin

A Day in the Zoo Spot and Find 100 Piece Puzzle

A Day in the Zoo Spot and Find 100 Piece Puzzle: This jigsaw puzzle from EuroGraphics features extra large pieces that are easy to see and hold.

Where's Wally

Where's Wally posters: Can you find Wally in this Land of Woofs poster? This Where's Wally poster features the little fellow dressed in red and white somewhere in a very red and white land Of Woofs. Official where's Wally poster.

Where's Wally.... No really, where is he???

Funny pictures about Try finding Waldo now. Oh, and cool pics about Try finding Waldo now. Also, Try finding Waldo now.