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What is a bride without her maid of honor? These heartwarming bride and maid of honor photos are sure to to showcase your special relationship.


It's not the camera that takes the pictures, just as it's not the stove that makes the dinner. You can have a cruddy camera and still take good pictures.and you can have an amazing camera and still take cruddy pictures.


Give yourself a compliment everyday ,because no one knows better how hard you try

Emotiethermometer, Met deze emotiethermometer kun je kinderen leren om hun emoties te herkennen. Door op te schrijven wanneer ze zich zo voelde krijgen ze nog meer inzicht in hun gevoelens en emoties. De volgende stap is dat ze hun emoties herkennen en voorkomen dat in het donkerrood komen. Deze kaart kan ook in het onderwijs in de klas gebruikt worden.

This free printable emotion thermometer will learn children to recognize their emotions. On the free printable card you can describe the moments at which the child had that emotion.