Jacqueline Huismans

Jacqueline Huismans

Jacqueline Huismans
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Laat niet los op de langste voetgangershangbrug ter wereld - Actueel - National Geographic Nederland/België

Highline 179 in Reutte, Austria.

Pink elephant.

Wow the big pink elephant is famous lol; I love the big pink elephant!

Workout in pool

To keep chlorine from drying out your hair, saturate your strands with fresh water before going in the pool. Your hair will soak up the fresh, not chlorinated, water. For already pool-parched strands, try this DIY mask

The Knotted Gun (New York, New York, USA)

THE KNOTTED GUN, TURTLE BAY, NEW YORK - You may interpret this bold statue advocating for Non-Violence in a number of ways. The knot at the end of the gun screams with symbolism that is very touching, especially today as gun laws are highly scrutinized.

Cliffside Cafe Gourdon, France

Cliffside Cafe Gourdon // France // seaside cafe // europe // old world charm // mountain view // striped umbrellas // outdoor cafe // paradise // exotic travel destinations // dream vacations // places to go

grand canyon skywalk.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk.It is a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River in the United States in the state of Arizona. It is contained within and managed by Grand Canyon National Park, the Hualapai Tribal Nation, and the Havasupai Tribe.