Thema: Kinderboekenweek 2023

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Gedicht en een illustratie van het boek 'Kabaal in het Kwetternest' , passend bij het thema: Bij mij thuis, kinderboekenweek 2023 Planner Bullet Journal, Journal Planner, Art Journal, Education
Bij mij thuis - Kinderboekenweek 2023
a hand made out of paper with pictures of people on it and a house in the middle
several pieces of craft paper laid out on a table
Patchwork Houses with Cardboard and Collage
a sign that is hanging on the wall in front of a bulletin board with buildings drawn on it
Zo wonen wij!
some paper houses are sitting on the window sill in front of a rainy day
a bulletin board with children's drawings on it and paper houses hanging from the wall
two children are playing with an interactive table that has been built into a laptop computer