This is super serious OC.

Nothing made you happier than seeing this when walking into a classroom as a kid. And now as a teacher nothing makes me happier than seeing this in my classroom still!

#vhs remember when...

Remember recording multiple movies on one tape? I do love that u can find VHS movies for like a but your taking a chance thy dont work, but for a Who cares. I'm glad I still have a VHS player!

communiecadeautje - moet het nog ergens hebben liggen

Kodak Instamatic Camera with GE Flashcube. This was a major innovation in its time. I just remember burning my fingers when I changed the flashcube.

PacMan #80s #memories

Pac-Man Micro Raschel Fleece Blanket

PacMan this so reminds me of when the house was full. All the kids still home. Mary loved this game. Oh the memories are sweet.I loved this game!

Donkey Kong - classic 80s flash game - old games at

Donkey Kong - our dentist had the arcade game in his office, which pretty much made him the best dentist ever.

Hulpstukje om singles op de pick-up te draaien. Ik heb ze nog steeds en draai ook nog op mn pick up. :D

Hulpstukje om singles op de pick-up te draaien To go in the middle of a 45 rpm record so you could play it on a regular phonograph.

Bakelieten lichtschakelaar,

Surface mounted over-centre rotary switch alternation bakelite

Tupperware koffiemelkkannetje.

Ik had er ook een suikerpot van met twee…

Koekjestrommel, het lijkt erop alsof we vroeger allemaal dezelfde jeugd hebben gehad. ;-)

Zo'n Koekjestrommel gebruiken we nog steeds :)

1971 Ford Taunus GXL. The Bastard Love-Child of a Capri, a Maverick and a Pinto, which later evolved into the universal joke referred to as the 1975 Ford Mustang.

found at Auction - Ford Taunus Cortica (TC) GXL Coupe made in Genk, Belgium