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Group1133's art on Artsonia Oil Based Clay, Zentangle Relief Sculpture

This is a sensible project for individuals and teams of students. Simple and rewarding for high school students,

My art project: Draw only with straight lines

Middle school or high school project idea: Draw only with straight lines... This could be fun!

recycled art - create famous works of art with recyclables - would be an awesome high school art assignment.

Art journal assignment: do initial pencil sketch to frame object, then add darkest tones first in black marker, or charcoal. Add torn paper details then finish by highlighting with white and gray pastels.


Assignment: Create a work demonstrating interesting positive/negative space. For bottom layer: cut long strips from magazines and glue side by side on a piece of paper. For top layer: Cut an interesting, balanced design away from a sheet of white paper and glue on top of the other sheet you covered with magazine strips.

25 days of drawing.pdf ... This would be fun to do with different prompts and in a doodle journal or calendar! :)

Zentangle Inspired Relief Sculpture - Conway High School Art Project