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Cultural observations
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the making room residence logo on a blue background with space arts and the making room residence
Announcing the recipients of the Making Room Residency 2022/2023.
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a woman standing under an overpass with trees in the background
PYLON by James Paddock | Art Reveal
an article is shown with different colors and shapes on the page, as well as text
Art Reveal Magazine no. 47
Art Reveal Magazine no. 47 Alesha Art (Russia), Houda Bakkali (Spain), Emma Balder (USA), Natalie Christensen (USA), Freddy D´azure-Hernández (Mexico), Peter Davis (UK), Luca Fontana (Brazil), Rodrigo Franzão (Brazil), Larry Goode (USA), Cory Graham (USA), Stephanie McGowan (UK), James Paddock (UK), Olga Pastekova (Slovakia), Timo Ryhänen (Finland), Gabrielle Shannon (USA), Katrina Tracuma (Ireland), Briahna Wenke (USA), Stéphane Vereecken (Belgium), Kim Youdan (UK),
four people standing in front of a building talking to one another and holding hands with the other
PYLON-Personal blog. | James Paddock | Axisweb
PYLON-Personal blog.
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the front cover of art reveal magazine, featuring an image of a man surrounded by various objects
Art Reveal Magazine no. 45
Southampton based artist James Paddock receives Arts Council England funding for first London solo exhibition. | Art Reveal
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Beanie Hat Army Green
Beanie Hat Army Green - Accessories - Shop Mens
a man is looking at an earbuds in a box
Blog about James Paddock's PYLON project 2019 in Art Reveal magazine.
an industrial laundry room with dryers and washing machines
Video & Installation Artist James Paddock
Such is Life! 2018, by James Paddock. 1 photo credit: Attila Malarik
an image of a magazine cover with the same page as it appears to be in color
Art Reveal Magazine no. 38
Art Reveal Magazine no. 38 Damaris Athene, Francesca Badea, KA Bird, James Blamires, Anthony D Kelly, Julie De Abreu, David Dunne, Jessica Goodwin, Jessica Grady, David F. Heatwole, Catherine Hellsten & Jon Rees, Simona Ledl, Jawbone Jawbone, Tahira Noreen, James Paddock, Szilvia Ponyiczki, Emma Walker
an older man laying in bed with his eyes closed and hands on his chest as if sleeping
Lost person by James Paddock, a video installation artwork about a voice hearing man's isolation.
'Lost person' by James Paddock, A conceptual art film installation.
an advertisement for the chelsea college of arts and fashion exhibition, featuring pleated blinds
Upcoming exhibition in London, England with James Paddock's Blinds film installation.
multiple images of the same train traveling in different directions, each with their own reflection
Pop Culture Apocalypse In Amazing Digital Art By Filip Hodas - Awesome
Pop Culture Apocalypse In Amazing Digital Art By Filip Hodas
a man is standing in an art studio with his arms crossed
An Interview with Arnold Newman
Arnold Newman: Pablo Picasso, 1956.