Spider web game. Just use painters tape to make the web and have the kids throw wads of paper at it to see if they can get it to stick

A Sticky Spider Web Activity for Kids - hands on : as we grow

The simplest activities are the best with kids! Make a spider web out of painter's tape, let them throw scrunched up newspaper ball to see if they can get them to stick. - - My kids can BE Spider-Man!

Halloween Game: don't step off of the web and try to collect the spiders and ghosts

Spider Web Walking Halloween Game


Here are some cute and simple ideas for throwing a Halloween party for kids, including this witch's hat ring toss. GREAT IDEA FOR FALL FESTIVAL!

droogijs in gekleurd water zorgt voor een heksachtige sfeer.

Mad Scientist's Potion - Put a piece of dry ice into your choice of drink, and it creates this smoking effect. 1 lb of dry ice + 1 gallon of drink = approx 1 hour of "potion"

Dice Drawing Sheets

Monster Drawing Art Activity

Dice Drawing Sheets: roll & draw a monster on your bookmark! Need sheets of construction paper cut to fit monster shapes and make book marks

Papier maché pompoen

Halloween Pumpkin Papier Mache Pumpkin - Use a balloon and twine to form the pumpkin sections, then add your layers of paper strips. Allow to dry overnight, then paint. Very Clever! This link also provides you with a Homemade Candy Corn recipe!

pumpkin bean bag toss

Transform a cardboard box into a fun Halloween game! Kids will love this Pumpkin Toss Game as a Halloween party activity.

Heksensoepjes. Brouw mee met heks Dreuzeltje. Goed tellen hoor! Jufanke.nl

Heksensoepjes. Brouw mee met heks Dreuzeltje. Goed tellen hoor! Jufanke.nl

pumpkin puzzle

pumpkin puzzle - any shape could be made into similar repetitive puzzles. Great idea for lapbooks


Tangerine Pumpkins + Banana Ghosts_ Fruity Halloween

Healthy Halloween kid snack idea - great for school parties or kids lunch box. Ghost bananas and orange pumpkins