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American Meadows

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8 Plants You Should Never Grow Next to Roses
Cluffy on Instagram: "Did you know that companion planting with flowers 🌼🌺 🌸 is a natural alternative to pesticides?

In today’s environmentally conscious world, gardeners and farmers alike are seeking sustainable ways to protect their plants and enhance garden productivity. 

One such method is companion planting with flowers. This age-old practice offers numerous benefits that make it a better choice than relying on chemical pesticides.

Companion planting with flowers is not just a charming tradition; it’s a powerful, sustainable strategy for garden health. By choosing flowers over pesticides, you foster a thriving ecosystem that supports pollinators, repels pests, enhances soil health, and promotes biodiversity. 

Click the link in my bio and grab a copy of my E-book “Grow Together”
8 Plants You Should Never Grow Next to Your Peppers

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Flora & Bee | A Growing Obsession


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Nicole Johnsey Burke on Instagram: "Comment UNLOCK to get access to my FREE Herb Garden Course 🪴

It’s time to plant your herb garden!

It’s so easy and cheap to grow your own supply of herbs right in your backyard or on your deck. I made this herb container for less than $60 and still harvest from it almost every week. 

Here’s how I did it:

Got a large steel tub from @homedepot
Drilled drainage holes in the bottom
Added weed fabric
Added compost topsoil and sand mixture
Planted a TON of herbs!

Once you taste fresh herbs you are never going to want to go back. 
So comment UNLOCK and get my free herb course to unlock your tastebuds 😋"

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Using bedsheets to protect plants from frost |


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swing ♥️

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How two local gardeners incorporate native plants into their landscapes—and why you should, too | Home/Garden |

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dreamy backyards

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Now It’s a Serene Oasis
Now It’s a Low-Maintenance Courtyard
Now It’s a Serene Oasis

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How To Plant And Care For Fruit Trees | Pinterest

fruit trees

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Gardenkeeper Rachelle, Soil Slinger on Instagram: "Mix in an inch or so of compost, toss in some worm castings if you want…then follow these steps and you’ll have garlic next summer! It’s easy and so much fun. I promise you’ll love it 🧄 ❤️ One important tip of advice is to not overwater them! I had a year where I forgot to turn off irrigation for the winter and the cloves rotted away into oblivion. #garliclovers #growinggarlic #backyardgarlic #organicgarlic #garlicplanting #plantinggarlic #gardenreel #gardenreels #gardeninghelp"
Gardening • Education • Plants on Instagram: "ONION CURING - In the past, we have struggled to grow bulbing onions…and when you put that much time into a crop and finally get it right, you want to be sure you get to use them. Harvest your onions when the leaves start to yellow and the neck breaks, or flops over. Pull it out of the ground and put it in a warm space with a good amount of air flow for at least a week if not a bit longer. This allows the neck and roots to dry out. At this point, th

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Creating an Enchanting Outdoor Space: 8 Inspiring Garden Lighting Ideas and Tips - Melanie Jade Design


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30 Dreamy Stock Tank Pool Ideas
love this old window and shutter on the porch


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How to make a wine bottle screen garden feature - Caradise
How to make a wine bottle screen garden feature - Caradise
How to make a wine bottle screen garden feature - Caradise

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13 Landscaping Ideas for Creating Privacy in Your Yard

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ℂ l a i r e ℂ h r i s t i e on Instagram: “I am actually so excited to be taking part in this ... my last event of 2020( confirmed the go ahead just yesterday ). I have taken part in…”


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15 Fantastic Swings for Your Backyard - Pretty Designs

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Van Zyverden Dormant Wedgewood Dutch Iris Bulb - Set of 25 | Zulily
Spring Hill Nursery Plum Pretty Iris - Set of 50 | Zulily


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