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This just doesn't apply to African Americans. This applies to aboriginals, women and indigenous races all over the world. Pay attention to wording and visuals it's carefully doctored to create fear and panic to one set of people and isolation of another.

Remembering that the first Statue of Liberty given to the U.S. by France was of a black woman. The U.S. refused it and today Lady Liberty stands beckoning on the island of St. Martin. So the French offered Plan B to the U.S. ~ the Lady Liberty who stands in NYC harbor... representing the shining light of acceptance, respect, and liberty for all. hmmm....

The first Statue of Liberty given to the the US by France was a black woman that the US turned down so the French made another which is the current in NY Harbor. This is Black Lady Liberty, also made by the French, on the Island of St Martin.

JET 1952

B-movie actress Acquanetta on the Feb. 1952 cover of Jet. She was featured in a three-paged spread on her life and career - but was she black? Hint: Probably…