Butt-newt :)

Butt-newt :)

So I love lots of stuff like spn, Sherlock, doctor who, Percy Jackson, hunger games, Harry potter, maze runner,merlin, fall out boy, 5sos, game of thrones, FOOD
Butt-newt :)
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BABY AWWWWWW<< my life is complete now<<< They are so ADORABLE>> my whole heart just burst with rainbow unicorn happiness<<luek is sooo cute thou

Oh gosh

I dont even belive in these things but i am taking no chances dear god im tearing up that is so sad some people will never hear it.<<<<<<< I've heard it already but I'd like to again


Oh shit. why did I repost this XD! Ahhhh oh well, might as well accept it. it is what it is XD<oops my finger slipped about fifty times.oh well


Dean's first and last words. I'll be sobbing in that corner.>>> I gotta say, this would be a very sad, but perfect ending.

Pfft! It's 221B. What is it like in your funny little heads? <--- no, no, it's Amelia Pond's room. <--- no, this is loki's secret hide-out!<--- guys this is NARINIA!!!<------ It's obviously where the Daleks are hiding out<--OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS. IT'S THE TARDIS. GET IT RIGHT!<--COME ON guys it's camp half blood! Stupid dam mortals.<--Please, it's clearly the entrance to Olympus <<==omfg! Guys it the New York Institute, oh right. The glamour mundanes can't see it<Its a house in Supernatural…

Honestly, I would want to live under the stairs like Dean Winchester <==== Nonono.It's the cupboard under the stairs where Amy Pond kept her Ragedy Man dolls <<< No it's the way to Stan and Ford's portal, duh

He looks so asian omg

Hey I'm Calum Hood! I'm the bassist for the band 5 Seconds Of Summer! I have a crush on my best friend Jax.