**Academiegebouw, University of Groningen. #holland

Groningen stad (Groningen ), Nederland Academiegebouw, University of Groningen. The Netherlands

Goudkantoor, 1635, Café Restaurant - Groningen - The Netherlands

Groningen - Goudkantoor (Gold Office), The Netherlands - Built in 1635 as an office building - 1814 - 1887 it served to certify the value of gold and silver. It houses a restaurant today.

Prinsenhof, Martinikerk en Martinitoren, Groningen.

Prinsenhof, Martinikerk en Martinitoren, Groningen - The Netherlands

Groningen wow I didn't think I would find a picture of my old university town - old city center

In the front, the tower of the academische building, ancient part of Groningen's university located in the city centre

Groningen, Zwanestraat

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