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an artistically painted egg with flowers and birds on it's side, sitting in front of a dark background
the colorful chair is decorated with flowers, birds and swirly designs on it's sides
an orange and green circular tray with air plant on the top, sitting on a wooden floor
Oxidized Copper Patina Mandala Painting on Rustic Wooden Tray - Etsy Canada
an artisticly designed chair sitting in the middle of a dark room with flowers and plants painted on it
a blue and white decorative plate sitting on top of a wicker basket next to plants
Mobile olho grego 🧿
a colorful plate sitting on top of a wooden table
a colorful painting on a black canvas with white and blue dots in the center, sitting on a red surface
a hand is pointing at a colorful mosaic design on a wall
Renata Guimarães 🦋 Mandalas on Instagram: “💞Mandala dos Chakras!💞 . Desenvolvida com muito carinho para ser um símbolo de transmissão de equilíbrio, harmonia, luz, força e…”
a table with an artistically designed tree of life painted on it in bright colors
an artistically designed round table with purple and gold designs on it, surrounded by other crafting supplies
Mara Dias Mandalas