Banca de Frutas Art Print

These simple fruit illustrations are also nice. They are simple, yet detailed. And the colors really pop on the green background. It makes me crave a fresh piece of fruit Banca de Frutas Art Print

Budi Satria Kwan

Find Wild Flowers Budi Satria Kwan and other interesting things on Wantr, a place that updates you on the latest arrivals from your favorite online stores.

watercolour painting by laura redburn with mixed ice lollies and ice creams in cones

sweet things: ice cream patterns

Anisa Makhoul instagram

Have you seen the beautiful pins from this month’s guest pinner Anisa Makhoul yet? You can find Anisa’s illustrations in our Mindfulness Workbook special, and you’ll probably recognize her work from previous editions of Flow, too. Anisa lives and works in

print & pattern

Lisa Jones has released a new range of gift wrap which includes this fun animal design. Lisa describes the new collection as cheerfu.

Artists Takes Trash to New Heights as Habitat for Urban Birds

Artists Takes Trash to New Heights as Habitat for Urban Birds

Urban-dwelling birds and wildlife are in need of more options for cozy places to live. So artist Thomas Winther, aka Dambo, initiated the Happy City Birds project. He spent just two weeks building 250 birdhouses out of free and recycled materials.

Ice Cream pattern ~~ I love this pic. Can't help smiling when I see the colorful ice cream cones.