Квадратный мотив "Водоворот"


I like how it looks like seashells Квадратный мотив "Водоворот"

Free Crochet Pattern: POOF! Floor Pillow Pouf Ottoman | Gleeful Things

Free Crochet Pattern: Floor Pillow Pouf Ottoman - maybe use chunky yarn made from jersey sheets

free crochet pattern - blanket

Start with 3 colors. Each block is 9 stitches so for however wide you want the blanket, count in 9 to get your foundation (always make it an uneven number of "blocks) eg: 19 blocks(makes it about long) stitches then add 4 sc for the foundation row.

New pattern: Hot spot pillow!

New pattern: Hot spot pillow! (Haak Maar Raak)

The hotspot pillow is an easily customizable pillow case that brings a little pop of colour into your room! You can create any colour combination you want. This particular colour combination has two s

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