Pepernotencake, eens een keer wat anders dan pepernoten bakken.

Pepernotencake recipe, it's cake filled with pepernoten (Dutch cookies) delicious!

groepswerk: etagere met cupcakes

Create a shadow on holder for VALUE Add sprinkles and paint for TEXTURE - good kindergarten whole class project

* Taartjes kleien... voor moeders verjaardag? erg leuk met een kaarsje erin

For the past two weeks, my class and I have been working on an art project - cupcakes made out of clay! Here is how we did it - Make a ball of clay. Turn this ball into a pinch pot (which will be the base of your cupcake) Make another ball…

Origami Croissant - Translate into French. Use to teach either the imperative mood or the history of the croissant.

An origami croissant. Fabriquer un croissant en origami. Think of the 'à la boulangerie' role plays you could have with these!

Bakker downloads » Juf Sanne OP HEEL BORD MBT BAKKER

Bakker downloads » Juf Sanne OP HEEL BORD MBT BAKKER

Snelle kleine appeltaartjes

Snelle kleine appeltaartjes Small apple pies, could be made in a muffin tin instead of foil!