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Rust This is a little overview of the rusting poster project. These posters are printed with metal powders like iron and brass. They are overprinted with acid and salt solutions resulting in slowly and progressively transforming rusting graphics. By: Edhv

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3d cube experiment


From Form | Film & Design studio

a short abstract experiment called ; the end of...

Parallel, animated compositions

Experiment #3


From Form | Film & Design studio

Animated composition

This composition was at first only a still image. After a while I decided to put this image in to motion. That's when it became an animated composition. I used ToonBoom to animate and I've put the animation and textures together in AE.

JAPJAN - preview visuals #2

We created these visuals by printing frames from a found footage film. After printing sheets with the frames we've transformed them one by one with scratches and drawings. When all frames where done we've scanned the sheets and put the visuals together digitally. Visuals : music: Kaspar Hauser - Vitalic