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Jannes Schuurhuis
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Plaza de España, Seville, Spain by Rafael Valencia

Plaza de España, Seville, Spain We're gonna visit beautiful squares and parks. we're gonna walk charming historic quarters, and we're gonna have tapas, of course! We're gonne see the ancient and the modern sides of Seville.

Plaza de España ("Spain Square", in English) is a plaza located in the Parque de…

Plaza de España ("Spain Square") is a plaza located in the Parque de María Luisa (Maria Luisa Park), in Seville, Spain built in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of It is a landmark example of the Renaissance Revival style in Spanish architecture.

Guide To Barcelona Cruise Port, Spain

La Sagrada Familia, Spain - is a cathedral still under construction in Barcelona. Work on the cathedral started in 1882 and Gaudi himself worked on it for 40 years, 15 of which he dedicated exclusively to it, until his death in

Monasterio de Montserrat, Barcelona

I chose this photo because first, my mom's name is monserrat and second, it's really beautiful and I'd like to visit there, third my family is from Spain and I'd like to go there to see where my family has lived.