Harvest hanger // http://tuinieren.nl/tuinnieuws/producten/hark-hanger.html#

Shed Plans - Small tool hanger (old rake) Now You Can Build ANY Shed In A Weekend Even If You've Zero Woodworking Experience!

Badmat van mos // http://tuinieren.nl/tuinnieuws/producten/badmat-van-mos.html

Nguyen La Chanh designed this live moss bath mat so you can get in touch with nature after you shower. The moisture that seeps into the mat nourishes the moss. No more damp, smelly bathroom mats to contend with, once.

Plant voor je fiets

sosuperawesome: “Planters for your bike, planters for your lapel, planters for your bag From wearableplanter ”


5 Eco-Friendly Watering Cans (Including One DIY Project)

Watering can by Nicolas Le Moigne: The idea consists in reusing PET and glass bottles. A PET closing piece is able to fit different shapes of bottles and to change it into a watering can.