I incorporated branches into my son's first room. It was jungle room, and I put stuffed exotic (fake) birds on the branches, and hanging monkeys. I also painted a jungle theme on his little furniture that my father-in-law built, and I painted a blue sky with clouds on the ceiling... Wish I would have taken photos back then!

Marianne Guedin : découvrez son appartement familial de 80m2

mommo design: LOFT BEDS

Can you believe that minimalism can be very sophisticated? This prewar loft in NYC’s Greenwich Village was renovated by Raad, and now it’s a minimalist spa


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KARWEI | Tover je zelfgemaakte kleding rek om in deze leuke speeltent voor de kleine.

FiveJoy Instant 3 Person 3 Season Dome Tent - Double-Wall Two-Door Bathtub Floor Freestanding - Set Up and Tear Down in Just Seconds : Sports & Outdoorsread

These 32 Kids Rooms Are So Epic That Your Inner Child Will Cry From Jealously. Unreal.

Any one of these amazingly themed bedrooms will make your kid absolutely love going to bed!

mommo design: LOFT BEDS

In this kids bedroom, theres a nest, an elevated wooden box or cubby that looks out over the rest of the bedroom and gives the children a quiet place to play.

146 Wall Painting and Decoration Ideas for Kids Bedroom https://www.futuristarchitecture.com/5292-kids-bedroom-painting-and-decorations.html #kids #bedroom

Trapeza Wall Mural Create the ultimate study with this sophisticated geometric wallpaper design. Muted colours make the perfect match for your home office.

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LAGO presents the KIDS & YOUNG line, part of the new project for childhood and education.

Disney-themed vacation rental with Jungle room || Anaheim, California #disneyland

It’s not just a house – it’s an entire experience! It’s as close to sleeping inside the Disneyland Park as you could ever get! Rent confidently knowing your vacation will not be cancelled because we've earned .

Pêle-mêle en métal doré 52x70 | Maisons du Monde

Home Decoration on Maisons du Monde. Take a look at all the furniture and decorative objects on Maisons du Monde.