Capelle aan den IJssel in Zuid-Holland

For you Jill Cupcake high heels! Oh baby, baby.these would work for any party that is for a "female." young, old, sassy, whatever!

leuke traktatie met zwemband van een donut

leuke traktatie met zwemband van een donut

schattig lieveheersbeestje van babybel (kaas)

Babybel Bug :o) Libby loves babybell, and I call her bug, I'll have to make these for her!

lekker spiegeltje van makkelijke koekjes

* Girls Treat for Birthday Party / MilkBiscuit Mirror. You Need: Milkbiscuit, Long Vinger Cookies, Marzipan Decoration.

funny spider lollipop

These spider suckers are fun to make and the kids will love them! They’re perfect for Halloween celebrations and for parties. Try this DIY t.

present of candy

Gift box cookies with a treat inside - these are such a cute idea, but I think Id pass on the coloring and go for something a bit less kiddy. Maybe a chocolate flavored bottom and top, with regular sugar cookie centers, filled with the pecan bacon mix?

hamburger of cake

Hamburger cupcakes - Lauras Bakery----- this would be like my husband making a sausage candy cane.